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Socio-legal research panorama back on campus

Three researchers during their respective presentations.

The Sociology of Law Department's annual research day for new students took place on the Lund University campus for the first time since the end of the pandemic restrictions last year. The day introduced several of the department's new researchers and PhD students.

Professor Ole Hammerslev joined the Sociology of Law Department on 1 January this year. His research interests include how conflicts arise and the ways they can develop into legal cases. One of his research focuses is opportunities and barriers to seeking legal aid and how varying access affects citizens' ability to pursue it.

Ole Hammerslev presenting research
Before he started working at Lund University, Professor Ole Hammerslev had been at the University of Southern Denmark for almost 19 years.

In the spring semester of 2022, the Sociology of Law Department hired Michael Molavi, then a postdoctoral fellow at Oxford University. At the Panorama Day, he presented his research on class actions, a type of legal action in which people with similar claims join together to sue a company, organisation or the state. Class actions are still rare in Sweden compared to North America, averaging about one per year.

Michael Molavi presenting his research
Michael Molavi is an Associate Senior Lecturer. He received his PhD and MA from York University.

Last year, the department welcomed four new PhD students. Sophia Zisakou has worked as a refugee lawyer in Greece. As a PhD student in sociology of law, she studies the methods used by the Greek Migration Board to assess the credibility of LGBTQ asylum seekers. To be granted asylum, LGBTQ persons must prove their sexual identity and be considered "credibly queer".

Sophia Zisakou presenting her research
Between 2016 and 2022 Sophia Zisakou worked as a refugee lawyer in Greece, specialised in LGBTIQ+ persons' and unaccompanied minors’ asylum cases.

Heraclitos Muhire received his bachelor's and master's degrees from the Sociology of Law Department at Lund University. After a period as a research assistant, he is now a doctoral student, researching how public officials and politicians are recruited by private companies after leaving office and how this is regulated. His project will examine, among other things, possible conflicts of interest in transfers from roles in state and regional administrations to positions in the business sector.

Heraclitos Muhire presenting his research
Heraclitos Muhire has previously studied how practitioners identify, categorise and respond to the exploitation of migrant workers and how this may affect the access to justice for victims of labour exploitation.

More information about the research performed at the Sociology of Law Department is available on our website.