Law, Society and Corruption

Graduate Level (Second Cycle). Autumn Semester.

RÄSN11, Law, Society and Corruption, 7.5 credits

Corruption is an elusive concept that needs to be studied and understood from multi-disciplinary perspectives. The course will introduce you to global and interdisciplinary perspectives in the area of corruption and anti-corruption studies. Specifically by examining the emergence, explanation, survival and presence of corruption from various social science perspectives by bringing up generally occurring theoretical, empirical and methodological questions and debates.

The course is divided into the following four parts/themes:

1. Introduction to global indicators for corruption, constitutional state and governance and their consequences for an understanding of law, development and social change

2. Multi-disciplinary strategies and theoretical perspectives for corruption

3. Methodological and ethical questions in corruptions and anticorruptions studies

4. Insights from field research


This is a master's level course. The teaching consists of lectures and seminars. Group assignments occur.


Course Literature

Syllabus for Law, Society and Corruption