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Socio-legal areas

Socio-legal areas possibile to specialise in.

Criminal Justice and Criminology

Students who decide to specialize in this area will choose elective courses which introduces them to the key elements of contemporary crime policy at national and global levels. Particular attention is given to issues of policing, the courts, punishment, and prevention.

Legal Cultures and Comparative Law

Students will take elective courses on the relationship between law and culture or comparative law.

Human Rights

Courses on human rights are offered by several universities in Sweden. These courses introduce the conceptual and philosophical foundations and debates within contemporary human rights as well as discussing the evolution of human rights, key human rights documents and the questions of human rights enforcement. 

The Legal Profession

This course in offered online by University of Southern Denmark. It introduces introduces the sociological mechanisms of professions, generally, and the legal profession in particular. To discuss various types of lawyering and law firms. Finally to analyse the development of the legal profession at national and global levels.

Policy and Regulation at National and International Levels

Becoming familiar with social and legal mechanisms of policy-making and regulation at national and international levels.

Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility

Becoming familiar with the existing research and debate on corporate social responsibility and exploring how corporations deal with social conflicts and legal disputes.

Law from a Gender Perspective

Becoming familiar with the significance of gender in law-making, legal profession and legal practice.

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