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PhD studies

Research with supervision
The PhD programme includes four years of full time studies (240 credits). Studies can alsp be carried out part-time (no less than half time) and cover a maximum of 8 years. As a doctoral candidate you have the right, but not the obligation, to take a licentiate degree (120 credits) as a stage in the doctoral programme.

To qualify for the PhD programme you must:

  • Have a degree at an advanced level
  • Have completed course requirements of at least 240 credits, including at least 60 credits at an advanced level, or
  • In any other way in or out of the country acquired the equivalent knowledge.

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Please contact us!

If you are interested in sociology of law for your doctoral studies, please contact us to discuss your situation.

Reza Banakar
Telephone: +46 (0)46-222 87 53
E-mail: reza [dot] banakar [at] soclaw [dot] lu [dot] se


Learn more about PhD studies at the department on the page Doctoral studies.

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Reza Banakar

Telephone: +46 (0)462228753
E-mail: reza [dot] banakar [at] soclaw [dot] lu [dot] se

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