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Marie Leth-Espensen, private photo

Marie Leth-Espensen

Doctoral student

Marie Leth-Espensen, private photo

Challenging Law’s Hegemonic Regimes of Care: Perspective on Farmed Animal Sanctuaries


  • Marie Leth-Espensen

Summary, in English

Over the past decades, Farmed Animal Sanctuaries (FAS) have emerged globally to become a significant part of the broader animal movement. However, FASes are confronted with the difficult task of providing life-long care for animals bred for profit within a normative regime intended on industrial production. Based on multi-sited fieldwork performed in Denmark, this paper examines critical barriers for sanctuary-caregiving in view of the hegemonic practices of care embedded in industrial farming settings. In centering the critical role of law, this paper highlights the social, political and economic contexts defining how care manifests in everyday multispecies life and raises the pressing but complicated question of regulating animal sanctuaries.


  • Department of Sociology of Law

Publishing year




Document type

Conference paper: abstract


  • Law and Society


  • Farmed Animal Sanctuaries
  • Multispecies Life and Care
  • Animal Protection
  • Animal Welfare

Conference name

Canadian Animal Law Conference

Conference date

2021-10-01 - 2021-10-03