Sociology of Law: lnternship in Sociology of Law, RÄSN03

Advanced Level Master Course. 30 credits. Sociology of Law

This master's level course is only available as part of the Master's Programme in Sociology of Law (SASOL).

Course content

You spend 20 weeks in a relevant organisation and are during this period continuously engaged in its activities, working with qualified tasks related to globalissues and conducts an independent study. You are guided and supported by a supervisor appointed by the organisation in which the internship takes place. 20% of the internship should be allocated to course work.

Course design

The internship is carried out within the public or private sector or within an NGO in Sweden or abroad. You carry out an independent working place assignment of relevance for Sociology of Law. The assignment can for example be a small scale investigation or evaluation. The working place assignment is decided in consultation between yourself and the workplace. Furthermore, you are to participate in the daily work at the host organisation, supported by a placement supervisor.

It is your responsibility to arrange an internship and to finance travel and accommodation during the period of study. You may not receive a salary from the host organisation. To become registered in the course, it is required that the supervisor of the internship and the main tasks have passed by course coordinator. Teaching is conducted through exercises in the form of web-based seminars.
Participation in the teaching is compulsory.

For more information about the specifics of the course, please refer to the course syllabus.