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Sociology of law studies the relationship between law and society using both legal science and social science theories and methods.

We can help you clarify and analyze the cause or functionality of laws, rules and norms. The knowledge of scholars of sociology of law can be applied across a wide range of areas.


Please feel free to contact the listed researchers concerning topics related to their expertise. You can also contact the Sociology of Law Department concerning topics not listed.

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    Child Rights

    Civil cases                     

    Corporate crime

    Corruption and Informality

    Criminal gangs



    Environmental issues

    Geographical regions:

    Internet/ Information technology

    Law and Society

    Legal Proceedings

    • Lena Svenaeus, The Swedish Labour Court and the European Court of Justice.



    Social Control

    • Ida Nafstad, Social Control, Social Exclusion and Inclusion


    • Karl Dahlstrand, Compensation for Violation, Interpretation and application of legal norms

    Welfare State, The

    Working life   

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