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Child Rights Institute at Lund University

A network-based organisation at Lund University focusing on Child Rights
This research network has an overarching aim – with a point of departure in the Child Rights Convention – to act for and support the Rights of the Child in different contexts, national and international, in research, in education or in other relevant practices concerning the Rights of the Child.

The network's three tasks

Child Rights Institute at Lund University (CRi @ LU) is a multidisciplinary organisation active within the area of ”Child Rights”. CRi @ LU has three main tasks:

  • Research
  • Network support
  • Education in Child Rights

Knowledge exchange and cross-border research applications

CRI @ LU aims to gather researchers in this field of knowledge to stimulate and to support new and continued research with a point of departure in the Convention of the Rights of the Child.

We want to promote national and international knowledge exchange and both keep in touch with and support researchers, educators and networks at Lund University with our knowledge in the area of ​​child rights and children's living conditions in society.

Another task is cooperation in order to promote and support research, recognising and visualising the child's perspective in different contexts – family, health, social processes – and bringing together that perspective with our knowledge of child development in order to promote the well-being of children.

The network also wants to stimulate and support cross-border education and research applications in this field.

National and international education

CRi @ LU will also work to develop education in the field of Child Rights - nationally as well as internationally. We will for instance work with internet based courses or perhaps MOOCs (massive open online courses). Education may also include Minor Field Studies (MFS), initiatives for teacher and student exchange, master's courses focusing on children and child rights, and supporting contact between research, education and practice.

Multidisciplinary research

We aim to encourage teachers and researchers from Lund University's different faculties to participate. Currently there are researchers from four faculties active at CRi @ LU (Faculty of Social Sciences, Faculty of Law, Faculties of Humanities & Theology, Faculty of Medicine). The ambition is for CRi @ LU to encourage multidisciplinary activities, based in social science perspectives.

Facebook networking

Get in touch with 300 change agents in 28 countries who are working with CRC (the Convention on the Rights of the Child Child) within education. Go to the facebook group Global Network for CRC Change Agents.

You are welcome to join the group!


Current seminars

Spring 2018

Welcome to our Spring seminars giving different aspects and perspectives on the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and Child Rights arranged by Child Rights Institute, CRI @ LU, Lund University.

The seminars will be based on themes connected to the Rights of the Child in practice and in research.

  • 12 February
    Open to all!
    Please e-mail Per Wickenberg per [dot] wickenberg [at] soclaw [dot] lu [dot] se if you would like to participate.

    Brainstorming: What should CRI work with in the short and long term and what can we bring forward when talking with the Donators Group at LU?

    The Global CRC Online Platform is launched globally.

    Time and place: 13:00-16:00, Room 12, Socialhögskolan, Bredgatan 26, Lund University, Lund


  • 19 March
    Open to all!
    Please e-mail Per Wickenberg per [dot] wickenberg [at] soclaw [dot] lu [dot] se if you would like to participate.

    Seminar with:
    - Ekatherina Zhukova, postdoc at the Department of Genderstudies at Lund University, who is studying children from Chernobyl, Belarus and studying family homes in Italy that have worked with these children since 1986. Chernobyl is in the current Ukraine
    - Zlatana Knezevic, PhD student in social work, Mälardalens högskola / Malmö University and Camilla Larsson, Malmö University, who will talk about perspectives of childhood and youth research, focusing on the child's right to integrity, and also gender, sexuality and racialization

    Time and place: kl. 13:00-15.30, Room 14, Socialhögskolan, Bredgatan 26, Lund University, Lund


  • 5 April
    For members of the research-network
    Workshop nr 1: om antologin Perspektiv på Barnkonventionen. Heldag.
    Time and place: 9-16, Lundia
  • 12 or 19 June
    For members of the research-network
    Workshop nr 2: fortsatt arbete med antologin Perspektiv på Barnkonventionen. Heldag.
    Time and place: 9-16, Lundia



Kerstin Svensson     Per Wickenberg   

Researchers and contact information

Per Wickenberg, Sociology of law
+46 (0)46-222 88 15
per [dot] wickenberg [at] soclaw [dot] lu [dot] se

Kerstin Svensson, School of Social Work
+46 (0)46-222 04 61
kerstin [dot] svensson [at] soch [dot] lu [dot] se

Faculty of Social Sciences
Anna Angelin, School of Social Work
Lina Ponnert, School of Social Work
Bodil Rasmusson, School of Social Work
Susanna Johansson, School of Social Work
Maria Heintz, School of Social Work
Ulf Leo, Sociology of law
Patrik Olsson, Sociology of law
Ana Maria Vargas Falla, Sociology of law
Rustamjon Urinboyev, Sociology of law
Isabel Schoultz, Sociology of law
Anna Sonander, Sociology of law
Elia Psouni, Psychology
Elinor Schad, Psychology
Gisela Priebe, Psychology
Agneta W. Flinck, Education
Magnus Karlsson, Sociology
Helle Rydström, Gender Studies
Ekatherina Zhukova, Gender Studies
Ann-Katrin Bäcklund, Human Geography
Johanna von Bahr, Political Science

Faculty of Law
Titti Mattsson, Juridicum
Kristian Gustafsson, Doctoral Student, Juridicum
Ilhami Alkan Olsson, Director Raoul Wallenberg Institute, Istanbul
Morten Kjaerum, Director Raoul Wallenberg Institute
Thomas Gammeltoft, Raoul Wallenberg Institute, Lund

Faculties of Humanities & Theology
Anna Flyman Mattsson, Centre for Languages and Literature
Annika Andersson, Centre for Languages and Literature
Sara Lenninger, Centre for Languages and Literature

Faculty of Medicine
Vanja Berggren, Institutionen för hälsovetenskaper
Anna-Karin Dykes, Institutionen för hälsovetenskaper
Marie Köhler, Region Skåne och Medicinska fakulteten
Louise Laurell, Region Skåne
Ann Elmqvist-Fridh, Region Skåne

Faculty of engineering LTH
Per-Olof Hedvall, Certec

Raoul Wallenberg Institute
Thomas Gammeltoft

Practitioners within the field of child rights
Martin Söderberg, Migrationsverket
Helene Hansen, Sociology of Law
Emma Alfredsson, Child Rights Programme
Charlotte Palmstierna, Socialdepartementet

Deana Nannskog Ekberg, LUCE
Lovisa Nilsson, LUCE
Susanne Norrman, LUCE

Outside of Lund University
Fredrika Mårtensson, SLU Alnarp
Ulrika Lindstrand, Rädda Barnen
Martina Hibell, Barnfonden
Marie Lundin, Simrishamns kommun
Lina Wedin-Hansson, Trelleborgs kommun


Within the Child Rights Institute @LU the Sociology of Law Department collaborates with:

Sociology of Law Department
Lund University
Visiting address: Allhelgona Kyrkogata 14 M, 223 62 Lund, 3rd floor
Postal address: Box 42, 221 00 Lund

Faculty of Social Sciences