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Education and Professional Norms

Laws and regulations in education
How do schools manage their democratic mission? Is education for sustainable development reaching its objectives? How does leadership in schools work?

Woman speaks to school children.

Every day closer to 50 percent of the Swedish population are engaged in education as students, teachers, or parents.

Sociology of Law offers an interpretation and understanding of education on various organizational levels. With an emphasis on social, professional and legal norms, sociology of law focuses on change and development as processes where steering documents, teachers’ professionalism and changes in society meet.

The researchers in this cluster have professional backgrounds and experiences in different kinds of educational contexts and have an interest in studying enactment and the implementation of laws and regulations in a sociology of law perspective.

The cluster has three main research themes:

  • Education for sustainable development
  • The democratic mission to schools
  • Leadership and management of schools (school leadership)


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