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Rethinking EU Law

This project addresses the growing legitimacy crisis of the European Union, which generates political vacuums at the national level of the Member States. These politically neglected spaces are exploited by populist and nationalist groups whose aim is to bolster a negative form of solidarity, i.e. a sense of community which is socially and ethno-culturally exclusive and tribal. To address this problem, a sociological understanding of legality is proposed which is based on both top-down and bottom-up flows of legality.

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Brexit: A Note on the EU's Interlegality

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Law, Love and Responsibility: A Note on Solidarity in EU Law

Reza Banakar, 2018, Festskrift till Håkan Hydén. Banakar, R., Dahlstrand, K. & Ryberg Welander, L. (eds.). Lund: Juristförlagen i Lund, p. 69-83

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