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Per Wickenberg

Per Wickenberg


Per Wickenberg

Child Rights, Classroom and School Management : Change Projects from the International Training Programme Batch 13 - 2010b


  • Agneta Wångdahl Flinck
  • Bodil Rasmusson
  • Lena Andersson
  • Per Wickenberg
  • Ulf Leo
  • Emma Alfredsson

Summary, in English

In 2003 Lund University Commissioned Education was given the task, after public
tender, to create and administrate a programme on “Child Rights, Classroom and
School Management” following the provisions and principles contained in the UN
Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC), Sida’s development policy on Education and other internationally ratified instruments in the areas of child rights and education. The programme was oriented to target persons holding a position from where they could initiate processes of change in their home countries. During the years 2003-2009 the International Training Programme (ITP) on Child Rights, Classroom and School Management was arranged 11 times with 330 participants completing it. Most of them are still working for child rights in their countries and have formed national and regional networks. In 2010 Lund University Commissioned Education won the contract in a new procurement for arranging the programme twice a year 2010 - 2012 with an option for another two years. In 2010 the 12th and 13th batch started the redesigned programme and this book is one of the results of batch 13.


  • Pedagogik
  • Socialhögskolan
  • Rättssociologiska institutionen
  • Uppdragsutbildning








Lund University Commissioned Education


  • Humanities
  • Sociology
  • Educational Sciences


  • childrens rights
  • School Management
  • Change Agents
  • international training programme (ITP
  • Child Rights Convention
  • Sida




  • ISBN: 978-91-978381-9-1