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Master's (Two Years) Thesis

Graduate Level (Second Cycle). Spring Semester.

SOLM02, Sociology of Law: Master's (Two Years) Thesis, 30 credits

The course is also offered as part of the Master's Program in Sociology of Law (SASOL).

The course involves students independently designing and completing a research project within the discipline of sociology of law. The student is to identify a relevant issue from within the discipline, select methods, collect and process empirical material, select theoretical points of departure and analyse this material and present his/her findings in both written and oral form. The degree project is carried out under the supervision of a tutor who is assigned to the student by the Department of Sociology of Law. The supervisor advises the student and gives his/her viewpoints on the planning of the project, its execution and the presentation of its findings. At the same time, however, the work is an independent project and the student him/herself is responsible for the completion of the project.

On completion of the course students should be able to demonstrate

  • a broad knowledge of the discipline of sociology of law
  • substantially specialised knowledge of the selected subject of research for the degree project from within the discipline of sociology of law
  • in-depth insight into research and development work pertaining to the discipline of sociology of law
  • in-depth knowledge in methods relevant to sociology of law
  • knowledge and understanding of scholarly communication

The student is entitled to supervision during the work on the project. The supervisor offers advice and views on the design of the degree project. The student is responsible for the completion of the project.

Entry requirements

To be admitted to the course, students must meet basic entry requirements and have a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology of Law, or the equivalent, and at least 30 second- cycle credit in sociology of law theory or the equivalent and at least 30 second-cycle credits in social science methodology (at least 15 credits) and/or the theory of science (at least 7,5 credits).


Syllabus for Master's (Two Years) Thesis (pdf, new tab)