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Håkan Hydén appointed Special Chief Editor of sociological journal

Håkan Hydén and Frontiers's logo

The research publisher Frontiers has appointed Senior Professor Håkan Hydén as Special Chief Editor for the sociology of law section of Frontiers in Sociology. Hydén became a professor of sociology of law in 1988. His main research interest relates to norms and what motivates people to act. He has also done comparative studies of legal norms, cyber norms, and social norms. He published his most recent book, Sociology of Law as the Science of Norms, in December of 2021.

The sociology of law section of Frontiers in Sociology will contain research on how norms shape and guide human social behaviour. It aims to further the knowledge regarding how norms can be studied and understood. Research on the disruptive effects the environment, technology, disease, and socio-economy have on norm structures will receive special attention.

Other areas covered by the sociology of law section are the relationship between norms within culture, the law, the market economy, the internet and other technological areas, and ecological systems.


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