Career prospects

Preparing for the future

The skills provided within this programme will help you to gain the deeper social scientific understanding that is required of those seeking to continue their studies at the PhD level. They will also enable you to pursue a career within fields which deal with public and private inquiries, project assessments, and policy evaluation.

Furthermore, the programme will provide you with the vital knowledge required of those who wish to work as policy-makers, instructors and practitioners who work with issues related to law and legal institutions, the criminal justice system, the EU and EU regulation at the level of regional authorities and government agencies as well as within the private sector (businesses and firms) and the NGOs at both national and international levels.

What skills will the programme provide you with?

  • Qualitative assessment of processes and methods used in social science in general and sociology of law in particular.
  • Formulation of research proposals and research design.
  • Qualitative and quantitative data collection methods
  • Experience in collecting and analysing primary as well as secondary data.
  • Ability to discuss, from a perspective of sociology of law, the implication of the preconditions and legal development at the national and international levels.
  • An understanding of theories related to sociology of law in general and regulation and governance in particular.
  • Extensive experience of peer reviewing and discussing fellow students’ work, both verbally and in writing.