Master’s Programme in Sociology of Law (SASOL)

introducing the study of law, legal institutions and legal behaviour in a social context

The Master of Science Programme in Sociology of Law, SASOL, is an interdisciplinary campus-based programme that teaches you how the law and legal institutions work and affect the everyday life of ordinary citizens.

A judge is watching a girl spray paint an anarchist A on a wall.
  • 2 years, full time, 120 ECTS credits
  • Sociology of Law Department
  • Start: August every year

The programme will give you the skills you need to critically examine, analyse and evaluate the interplay between socio-legal theory and practice.

The programme offers a wide range of alternative courses within the Faculty of Social Science, which will allow you to further develop interests in related fields of study.

In addition there are good opportunities to go abroad and take courses at one of the universities with which we have exchange agreements.

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Contact the programme

Programme administrator
Helena Edberg
Telephone: +46 72-531 45 74
helena [dot] edberg [at] soclaw [dot] lu [dot] se

“Law is everywhere – even if you don’t know it. Law permits, prohibits, enables, legitimates, protects and prosecutes people. Law shapes our day-to-day lives in countless ways. It’s difficult to come up with an area of our lives that isn’t in some way connected to the law.”