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Semester 3: Internship in Sociology of Law

15 or 30 credits

Students can choose between elective courses or an internship for their third semester.


During the third semester, the student can choose to do an internship (15 or 30 credits). You spend 10 or 20 weeks in a relevant organisation and during this period are continuously engaged in its activities, working with qualified tasks related to sociology of law. The student is guided and supported by a supervisor appointed by the organisation in which the internship takes place.

In addition, you write an independent study of the organisation and its work practices in English, with explicit reference to earlier parts of the education within the Master's Programme in Sociology of Law.

The internship place is chosen with the approval of the programme coordinator and should enable students to tailor the programme to suit their particular interests and to develop their specialisation within the field of sociology of law.

RÄSN03 Sociology of Law: lnternship in Sociology of Law (30 credits)

RÄSN04 Sociology of Law: lnternship in Sociology of Law (15 credits)

Who can apply?

To be eligible for the course you must have one year (60 credits) of coursework within The Master of Science Programme in Sociology of Law (SASOL), including profile courses for the programme amounting to 30 credits and 30 credits of courses in theory of science (at least 7.5 credits) and research methods (at least 15 credits).

Find an internship

As a student, you are responsible for finding a suitable organisation for the internship yourself, as well as financing travel and housing etc.

Possible grant

The Erasmus placement programme provides students studying at Lund University the opportunity to apply for a grant in view of an internship abroad (i.e. a country other than Sweden).

Paid internships

Paid internships must follow these two rules to be approved:

1. In your contract with the provider of your internship, it should be clearly stated that you as a student take this internship as a part of your education, and this contract is not a regular employment contract. The internship should last 20 weeks.

2. You can yourself arrange the insurance for the period of your internship.

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