Patrik Olsson globetrots from Peru to Uzbekistan in five days on global conference tour

Storstäder som upplysta punkter på jordklotet.

It may seem as if senior lecturer Patrik Olsson is only doing one of two things this semester: lecturing, or sitting deep under thousands of pages of take-home exams, reading and grading. It turns out he is not.

In the end of November, senior lecturer Patrik Olsson went on a digital tour covering half the planet within the span of a week to present at two conferences.

On November 21, the Cuban-Peruvian institute Consultoría Educativa Especializada in Lima had invited Olsson to speak about socio-legal research in higher education. In his online presentation, Olsson said that studying sociology of law provides a profound understanding of law in a social context, rather than individual sections of law. It explains societal morality and what influences human action. “In simplified words,” one of his Power Point slides said in Spanish. “Sociology of Law studies why people continue to follow laws and norms, while criminology studies why laws and norms are violated.”

Olsson was on the digital road again five days later. The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) in Central Asia and the Academy of the General Prosecutor´s Office in Uzbekistan invited him to give a presentation and participate in an international conference aimed at discussing issues of improving the penal enforcement legislation, in particular the penitentiary system of Uzbekistan. His presentation has the titled “Issues of execution of criminal punishment (probation and execution of sentences against minors): Swedish experience and international standards” and covered how Swedish and international standards differ.
This was the second time this year Olsson featured in a UNODC sponsored conference in Uzbekistan. He visited the country physically in February to present the Swedish approach to anticorruption in academia.

Patrik Olsson i Uzbekistan i februari 2020. Foto: Privat
Patrik Olsson visited the Uzbek capital Tashkent in pshyical form in February 2020 to present at a UN conference and give a lecture at the Tashkent State University of Law.


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Patrik Olsson

Patrik Olsson obtained his PhD degree in sociology of law at Lund University in 2003 with the dissertation "Legal ideals and normative realities". His research and teaching focus on aspects surrounding the rule of law within disparate socio-legal contexts by using socio-legal theory and methodological tools to understand the research areas in question.