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Elective courses

30 credits
Semester 3

Students can choose between elective courses or an internship for their third semester. Elective courses can be taken at Lund University or at any other recognized university in Sweden or abroad.

The courses are chosen with the approval of the programme coordinator and should enable students to tailor the programme to suit their particular interests and to develop their own specialisation within the field of sociology of law.


Elective courses

Tailor your programme

The elective courses enable you to tailor the programme to suit your particular interests. However, the courses you choose must be:

1)     Offered at Master’s levels, and

2)     Related to the central themes and concerns of the sociology of law.

The courses (30 credits) are chosen with the approval of the Programme manager, Reza Banakar, e-mail: reza [dot] banakar [at] soclaw [dot] lu [dot] se


Study abroad

A research and education cooperation between Lund University and universities in Spain, Norway and Denmark, also enables more choice and possibilities for you as a student studying Sociology of Law.

Our students will be able to choose from several of the collaborating university's online-courses.


Elective courses for the autumn term of 2017:


Courses available at the Graduate school include:

Please note that there are as a rule few places available on most of these courses. Moreover, some courses will run parallel to each other, i.e. on the same days and at the same time. When choosing more than one of these courses you should contact the Graduate School to ensure that the do not clash.
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