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Research projects

Gaining knowledge about law in society

Researching the legal system's possibilities, limitations and dependence on the surrounding community. What part do norms, rules and laws play in the family environment, at school, at work or in society as a whole?

A man is studying a law paragraph under a microscope.

At the Sociology of Law Department, family research coexists with research on public construction contracts; and the informal workers' situation in Colombia is examined at the same time as digital norms and gender. Research is also carried out on socio-legal theory, social welfare and many other areas.

Our research has a wide span, which contributes to interesting discussions while finding common ground in its examination of law and norms.

Active research projects

Current doctoral projects

The department's PhD students are engaged in many interesting doctoral projects which you will find presented on their pages below.

  • Dusty Rights: Social resilience, law, and environment in Taranto, Italy
    Carlo Nicoli Aldini
  • Hate and threats against journalists: Consequences for freedom of speech and democracy
    Oscar Björkenfeldt
  • Inform, Nudge, Replace: How digital systems drive changes in urban behaviours
    Magnus Eriksson
  • Caring for Animals in a Time of Ecological Disturbances: Law and the Crisis of Anthropocentrism
    Marie Leth-Espensen
  • Revolving doors to the private sector? A sociolegal study on top state and region officials' transitions to the private sector and their regulation
    Heraclitos Muhire
  • (De)constructing the concealment of domestic violence in family law – A study of German child custody disputes and alternative realities after gendered violence
    Lisa Schmitz
  • Between Law and Safety - Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineers and the Socio-Professional Construction of Legality in EU Civil Aviation
    John Woodlock
  • Feeling queer, feeling real: Affective economies of truth in queer asylum politics
    Sophia Zisakou

Contact information

Ida Nafstad
Director of Research Studies

Telephone: +46 46 222 88 38
E-mail: ida [dot] nafstad [at] soclaw [dot] lu [dot] se