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Lecturer for Reza Banakar Memorial Seminar decided

Susan Silbey

The lecturer at this year's Reza Banakar Memorial Seminar is Susan S. Silbey, Professor in Humanities, Sociology and Anthropology at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Professor of Behavioral and Policy Sciences at MIT's business school Sloan School of Management.

Professor Silbey's lecture, "Pragmatic Regulation: Governing Inside the House of Science", will be delivered online and accessible to the general public.  
Silbey's research interests include governance, regulatory and audit processes in complex organizations. She has long studied the relationship between law and everyday life: how we perceive and experience the law, and follow, manipulate, or struggle against it. Together with Patricia Ewick, she has developed arguably the most influential theory of legal consciousness in socio-legal studies. Her work resulted in publications like The Common Place of Law: Stories From Everyday Life (1998) and "Narrating Social Structure: Stories of Resistance to Legal Authority" (2003), both together with Patricia Ewick.
Among her current research projects are "The Struggle for Accountability: Trust and Surveillance in the Cultures of Science", focusing on the creation of management systems for containing risks, including environment, health and safety hazards, and ethical lapses, and "Developing Diverse Leadership for Engineering", a study of gender roles and differences in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.
Information about Professor Silbey's lecture is available in our calendar.