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Seminar on Domestic Abuse and How It Is Facilitated by Digital Technology

Doctor Molly Dragiewicz photographed by Patrik Olsson

Renowned criminologist Dr Molly Dragiewicz, Associate Professor at the School of Criminology and Criminal Justice at Griffith University in Brisbane, Australia, visited Lund University for a seminar with the criminology program students.

The seminar, “Digital media and domestic violence: Emerging international research”, on Tuesday 10th April, covered the role of digital technology in domestic abuse, and the privacy and security threats GPS tracking, social media, and cloud storage pose to victims of domestic violence.

“Dr. Molly Dragiewicz is a leading critical criminologist. Her presentation of her exciting research findings to our criminology students during our first program activity within the criminology program was much appreciated and well received,” says Patrik Olsson, senior lecturer at the Sociology of Law Department.

The seminar was based on her research project “Domestic violence and communication technology: Victim experiences of intrusion, surveillance, and identity theft”. The project sets out to investigate how domestic abusers harass victims using unauthorised access to telecommunications accounts and devices, and identity theft in Australia. The project description states, “Domestic violence (DV) victims comprise a large group of vulnerable consumers whose rights, privacy, and security are compromised when telecommunication services and devices are misused. Access to safe and secure information communication services are essential for victims’ social engagement and information and help-seeking.”


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Visit Dr Molly Dragiewicz’s website for more information about her research.