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Better knowledge on child rights when 14 countries contribute to digital platform

Balloons escape into the air.

The digital platform Child Rights Online has now been launched in 14 countries and will provide teachers and aspiring teachers with a better understanding of the Convention on the Rights of the Child to offer children and young people a more inclusive and equal schooling.

In recent years, the Child Rights Institute at Lund University has worked with the international digital platform Global Child Rights Online, with the aim to strengthen children's rights in school.

Child rights are strengthened through national networks

The digital platform has been created together with 16 national networks of change agents in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

During the spring 2018, 14 of these 16 national networks have launched the platform together with stakeholders from education ministries, universities, colleges and teacher training courses as well as NGOs.

The investment is a development of methodology within Sida's work with capacity development and innovative solutions that can support long-term sustainability.

Open to all who work with children

The platform has about 500 users and is expected to grow since it is now open to all web visitors. When the project is completed, the Child Rights Institute will continue to manage and develop the platform together with the international networks.

The entire platform is open to anyone who works with children or meets children in their career.

Visit the Global Child Rights Online platform here

Onward with research

During the past six months, the Child Rights Institute, CRI at Lund University has been looking for funding in order to work more actively with research.

"At the moment we are moving slightly - from education to research," says Per Wickenberg, Senior Professor of Sociology of Law, and one of the contact persons for the Child Rights Institute at Lund University.

Now three researchers at the Child Rights Institute, including Per Wickenberg, are gathering texts for a publication that will address the implementation of children's rights in education.

"The digital platform creates a good contact area and now we have called out to researchers in the networks and invited them to submit articles and reports concerning the implementation of children's right in education. We hope that we may produce a special issue and a report book," says Per Wickenberg.

On November 26, 2018 an open seminar will be held on new research ideas in the field of children's rights. The public is welcome. Please e-mail Per Wickenberg per [dot] wickenberg [at] soclaw [dot] lu [dot] se to sign up.