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New research on the ideology of meat-eating

Marie Leth-Espensen has co-authored an article on the recent gastronomic trend known as “New Carnivorism.”

Marie Leth-Espensen, doctoral student at the Sociology of Law Department, has together with Mathias Elrød Madsen studied this relatively new food media trend. In an article in the journal Society & Animals, they discuss how examples such as the Danish TV show “Kill Your Favorite Dish” (Dræb din Livret) presents meat-eating as benevolent and natural in a time where meat production is increasingly problematized.

“Kill Your Favorite Dish purports to openly examine a phenomenon that is presented as our distance to or alienation from animals and nature. However, what the show actually does is construct an ideological narrative about the practice of killing and eating animals”.


Read “Kill Your Favorite Dish: Examining the Role of New Carnivorism in Perpetuating Meat Eating” in its entirety on Brill’s website.

Read about Marie Leth-Espensen’s doctoral project “Animals, Women and the Politics of Rights. The History of the Contemporary Animal Rights Movement” on her personal page.


Marie Leth-Espensen, private photo

Marie Leth-Espensen is a sociologist with a degree from the University of Copenhagen. Currently, she is a Ph.D. Candidate at the Department of Sociology of Law, Lund University.